KSL Monodome 2


trekking, spring/summer/fall, 2-bed, bathrooms: 1, entrances: 1, storm delays

Main (KSL Monodome 2)
Type trekking
Season spring, summer, autumn
Capacity 2-local
Instant Assembly
Number of rooms 1
The number of inputs 1
Tent single layer
The material of an awning polyester
Mosquito net
Storm delays
Design (KSL Monodome 2)
The bottom material polyester
The resistance of the awning 250 mm waters. Art.
The presence of Windows
Sealing seams taped
Dimensions and weight (KSL Monodome 2)
Length 200 sm
Width 130 sm
Height 95 sm
Weight 2.3 kg
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